アデルとメーガン妃とヘンリー王子 NEWS



ビバリーヒルズにあるヘンリー王子の家から、わずか数分のところに住んでいるというアデル。英国のタブロイド紙「The Mirror」は、アデルがロサンゼルスに住むことについて、ヘンリー王子とメーガン妃にアドバイスを与え、彼らの地域についての情報などをを伝えていると報道。



#SAVEWITHSTORIES on Instagram: "“Duck! Rabbit!” by @akrfoundation & @tlichtenheld (published by @chroniclekidsbooks). Read by Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex (with Harry, The Duke of Sussex behind the camera) to their son Archie for his 1st Birthday. Happy Birthday, Archie! . THIRTY MILLION CHILDREN rely on school for food. Responding to the needs of kids during these school closures @savethechildren and @nokidhungry have a new fund @SAVEWITHSTORIES to support food banks, and mobile meal trucks, and community feeding programs with funds to do what they do best—and also—with educational toys, books, and worksheets to make sure brains are full, as well as bellies. . If you can manage a one time gift of , please text SAVE to 20222. If another amount would work better for you, please visit our website—link in bio. There is no maximum and there is no minimum—together we will rise and together we can help. . Thank you and stay safe. XX #SAVEWITHSTORIES"
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また、先日アーチーくんが1歳の誕生日を無事むかえ、母親のメーガン妃が、アーチーくんのお気に入りの絵本だという「Duck! Rabbit!」を読み聞かせた、微笑ましい動画が公開されていた。