テイラー・スウィフトの30歳の誕生日を、ジジ・ハディットやセレーナ・ゴメスらが祝福! 思い出写真とともにスウィートなメッセージを投稿[写真あり]









Gigi Hadid on Instagram: "My T ! 💛 An old soul celebrating 30 years here ... and what a phenomenon you are. It’s rare someone can be inimitable yet still make hearts feel at home with innate generosity. I love you and can’t wait to celebrate you sister !!!! HAPPY BDAY🍾🍾🍾🧁🧁 @taylorswift"
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女優のレナ・ダナムは愛情のこもった長いバースデーメッセージを投稿。「テイラー!カフェインも、土地も、猫も大好きだけど、あなたのことはそれ以上に愛してる! 日に日に美しくなるあなたを見られるのが本当に嬉しいわ」

Lena Dunham on Instagram: "This woman is turning 30 today and what can I say. She can cook a lasagna or a lemon drizzle cake. She can cut your cat’s nails gently and even knows the term “dew claw.” She can style an outfit, paint a birthday gift by hand, plan a day that feels like an hour. She can fix a broken heart (not just with her music but with her love and wisdom.) She can dance (both hot and goofy.) She can unite friends and send the best links of the week and also, oh I forgot, slay the forces of oppression for female artists and become an irreplaceable icon. When I met her more than seven years ago my opening line was “how are you enjoying twenty two?” and she said “so far, it’s been magical.” And that’s her approach to everything- she finds the magic even when it’s not magical and she uses that sense of optimism and nostalgia to fill all our lives with the same. Tay, I love you- more than we love caffeine, the real estate section or even- yes even- cats. Thank you for letting me watch you grow into this woman of wild grace. Oh, and you even look good in hats- none of it’s fair, but it’s all so wonderful."
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