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「Youg Rock(原題)」と題する同シリーズは、ドウェイン・ジョンソンの子ども時代をベースとしており、もちろんドウェインがプロジェクト関わる。また、同シリーズはコメディタッチになるという。


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I am so excited and greatful for this opportunity. Thank you @therock @sevenbucksprod and ...



Dwayne Johnson on Instagram: "#YOUNGROCK Officially KICKIN’ OFF PRODUCTION! Ladies & gents, here’s the cast of our new @NBC comedy, #YOUNGROCK. A series based on my wild and unpredictable childhood and formative years growing up. @bradleyconstant will take the reigns of playing me at 15 and clearly kicking puberty’s ass 😂💪🏾 This show is gonna be a fun one and can’t wait for you guys to watch! #YOUNGROCK @sevenbucksprod @NBC"
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Dwayne Johnson on Instagram: "#YOUNGROCK Coming in hot and lowering the University of MIAMI BOOM 🏈💥 is @ulilatukefu! Playing at THE U - these years were some of my most defining. The highs are incredible, but the lows were critical. 275lbs of upper body violence, attitude and clearly eating too much pizza. #NationalChampions #TheU #YOUNGROCK @sevenbucksprod @NBC"
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Dwayne Johnson on Instagram: "#YOUNGROCK And playing the OG original Rock - my pops, Rocky “Soulman” Johnson is the charismatic @iamjosephleeanderson 💥 As you guys know my dad passed away earlier this year so this role is a special one and our first episode is dedicate to him 🙏🏾 My dad was a true trail blazer and broke color barriers all across our country in the 60s, 70s & 80s. One half of the first black tag team champions (with Tony Atlas) my pops was a bad dude in the game. I miss him. This one’s for you Rocky. #ToughLove #YOUNGROCK @sevenbucksprod @NBC"
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Dwayne Johnson on Instagram: "#YOUNGROCK This role is a special one and HIGHLY entertaining. Playing my grandma, Lia Maivia will be the one of a kind, Ana Tuisila. Cool backstory: My grandmother, Lia Maivia was pro wrestling’s first women’s promoter. She HAD TO BE tough as nails in a male dominated, shark infested world of wrestling. She set the bar for tough business practices and also set the bar for how loving a sweet grandma could be to her only grandson - me ☺️ She was also charged by the feds for extortion, eventually deported, became homeless and lost everything in the early 90’s. Crazy life. I was blessed enough to help change that hard time scenario around and get her back on her feet. Her journey was unreal and can’t wait for you guys to watch! #StrongWomen #YOUNGROCK @sevenbucksprod @NBC"
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