米時間11月3日、アメリカ合衆国大統領選挙が行われる。この重大な日に先駆け、『ワイルド・スピード』などで知られるドウェイン ・ジョンソンはジョー・バイデン前副大統領とカマラ・ハリス上院議員を正式に支持すること表明したり、『キャプテン・アメリカ』で知られるクリス・エヴァンスは自身のゴシップを利用して、投票を呼びかけたりしている。しかし、一方で、ファッションを利用し、投票を呼びかけるセレブも少なくない。



Levi's on Instagram: "Hailey Bieber Model & Activist “I had a vision to put together a beautiful and powerful call to action to educate and inform the next generation of voters, and to me Levis felt like the perfect team to partner with on this. Oge is an incredible force and she really helped me bring my idea to life. This election to me is the most important in my lifetime and I’m at the age now where I truly understand the impact my generation and the next has. My hope with this call to action is that it would encourage, educate and inspire this next generation to vote in November and to understand why it’s important.”  . Photography by: @djenebaaduayom Styling by: @ecduzit"
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スーパーモデルのベラ・ハディッドは、マイケル・コースのTシャツを着用。Tシャツには「Your Voice Matters(あなたの声は重要)」とメッセージが書かれている。

Michael Kors on Instagram: "❤️🤍💙 @BellaHadid in our #YourVoiceMatters T-shirt. #MKSaysVote   In the U.S.? Visit your local store or ‪‬ to shop our new T-shirt today. 100% of the profits from this T-shirt, which were produced in partnership with @shopfksp, will support the @naacp_ldf, America’s premier legal organization fighting for racial justice. #MichaelKors"
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人気女優のハル・ベリーは「I am a voter (私は投票者)」とはいったレギンスを着用。ハル・ベリー自身が立ち上げたブランドre-spinのアイテム。

Halle Berry on Instagram: "You have a voice. This #NationalVoterRegistrationDay is your opportunity to create the community you want for yourself and those you love. If you have not already registered, please do so today!⁣ ⁣ @respin has teamed up with @iamavoter on a limited edition pair of leggings - a portion of proceeds will go directly to #IAmAVoter, a non-partisan movement that aims to create a cultural shift around voting and civic engagement. #LINKINBIO"
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先日。映画監督のチャーリー・マクダウェルと婚約を発表した『あと1センチの恋』のリリー・コリンズは、Yシャツを着用し呼びかけ。こちらも「I am a voter (私は投票者)」とメッセージが入っている。

Lily Collins on Instagram: "Only 50 days until Election Day! If you haven’t already, check on your voter registration status and learn about your state’s voter deadlines by texting MAIL to 26797. And if you’re planning on voting by mail, don’t forget to request your absentee ballot. Now more than ever we need to make our voices heard and vote for a better, more just future..."
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