人気ロックバンド「ウォーク・ザ・ムーン」のフロントマンのニコラス・ペトリッカが、バイセクシャルであることを告白! LGBTQ+コミュニティに愛溢れるメッセージを投稿[動画あり]

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today is the last day of Pride Month here in the year 2020, and i think it’s time i said that. my whole life i have passed for a “normal person”, cisgender straight guy, and this has afforded me a life of privilege. virtually no name-calling or bullying or hardship around my sexuality really at all. my heart is with so many LGBTQ+ human beings who have had a much more challenging experience than i have. AND i believe in what Harvey Milk said… (i’m paraphrasing) that when the collective as a whole, when people as a whole realize that we are everywhere… that we are your children, that we are your mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters… that we have been with you and among you and are you and have been this whole time… *that’s* the moment when the myths, the bullying, and the inequality will end. so to the extent to which this message serves that end, and to the extent to which it serves you – whoever you are watching this, whatever your situation is, if this gives you a degree of courage, confidence, if this gives you 1% more permission to be unapologetically yourself – then f u c k y e a h. i’m here to say: i am Bisexual. i have feelings for, am attracted to both men and women, and i have had experiences with both men and women, and i’m proud of it. i believe that sexuality is a spectrum, and i believe that most people probably live somewhere in between these far ends, heteronormative ends of this spectrum. and i believe that you can be an LGBTQ+ person whether you have had a particular type of experience with someone yet, or ever, in your life. i want you to know whoever you are, however you’re built, however you were created, however you share your love with another human being, I LOVE YOU. and God loves you. Jesus loves you. the Universe loves you. and whatever the social-normative-narrative-programming-mainstream-whatever would have us believe – you are 100% grade-A beautiful perfect complete human being, and you are loved. and for you to be 100% free to be yourself – this is vital. and it’s vital to our future. it’s vital to the whole world, and to me. *continued in comments*

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